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satisfied with counting-says Ranil

Clear majority for UPFA, satisfied with counting, says RanilApril 10, 2010 12:08 pm
United national party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said that he accepts that the United People’s Freedom Alliance has obtained a clear majority at Thursday’s general elections.

Addressing a media briefing at the Opposition Leader’s office in Colo9mbo, he added that he was satisfied with the counting process.

Court martial postponed

The Court Martial hearing scheduled for this morning into General Sarath Fonseka who is in military custody has been postponed for next month following a Court of Appeal order, a lawyer of General Fonseka said. According to the lawyer the hearing will now be held on 5th May.

The two Court Martial hearings which resumed at 9 am and 2.30 pm today were put off, based on the Court of Appeal order issued following a writ application filed by Gen. Fonseka who challenged the validity of a court martial against him.

On March 31, the Appeal Court bench comprising President of the Appeal Court, Sathya Hettige PC and Justices Ranjith Silva and Anil Gooneratne ordered “to maintain the status-quo which means that no further proceedings in the Court Martial shall take place until the date of the delivery of the order on May 5”.

When the Court Martial hearing with regard to the charges on Gen. Fonseka for allegedly involving in politics while being the Commander of the Army started, the Court Martial’s Judge Advocate W. J. S. Fernando announced that he came to know about the Appeal Court order and informed that accordingly hearing would be postponed.

At this moment a group of counsel led by senior attorney Rienzie Arsecularatne PC producing a certified copy of the Court of Appeal order informed that the next hearing would have to be fixed after May 3 as they were waiting the decision of the Appeal Court with regard to the legality of the Court Martial. Mr. Arsecularatne also asked to fix a mentioning date after May 3.

At this stage Judge Advocate of the General Court Martial fixed the trial for May 5. The said Court Martial was heard before Major General Harsha Weeratunga, Major General Lalith Wijetunga and Major General Aruna Jayatilake and it was first heard on March 15.

The Second Court Martial on the charges of alleged contravention of military procurement procedures against General Sarath Fonseka was taken up before Major General Milinda Peiris, Major General Lalith Daulagala and Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe at 2.30 pm. It was also postponed till May 5.

It was the first hearing on the said Court Martial before the new panel. When it was first taken up on March 18, before same three members of the first Military Court counsel for Gen. Fonseka strongly objected with regard to the constitution and the composition of the tribunal and subsequently sittings were adjourned indefinitely.

However last Saturday, the hearing of the said Court Martial was fixed and Retired Gen. Fonseka was handed over the summons signed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. (SRF)

police forcefully removed a group of monks

The police this afternoon forcefully removed a group of monks who were on hunger strike in Fort demanding the release of General Sarath Fonseka. The police also removed the temporary sheds used by the monks for their protest.

The police also harassed journalists covering the incident. A Colombo Court later told the police to submit a report on the whole incident involving the monks by tomorrow. (LS)

10. Graphics D ) Background Graphics

Instead of having a solid color as a background, you might want to have one graphic that repeats over and over to create a background. Here are several places that you can go to find background graphics. The text that you would type in for a background called "bk.gif" would be:
<body background="bk.gif">

Linking with graphics
Sometimes on your web page, you might want to have a graphic that is a link. This is quite simple, since you just mix the two commands of linking, and displaying graphics. Here is an example of a graphic that leads to Yahoo:

You can also have a text link next to the graphic that leads to the same place.


Here is what you would type in for, first the plain graphic-link, and second, the graphic-link with text:
<A href=""><IMG SRC=""></A>
<A href=""><IMG SRC="">Yahoo!</A>

10. Graphics C) Background, text, and link Color

On most pages, you want to have a specific color for the background, text, unvisited links, visited links, and active links. In order to do this, you need to find the code number for the specific color that you are looking for. Here is a HUGE list of code numbers,

and here is how you would display this in your page. NOTE: Type these ONLY right below your title. NOTE: You must have the "#" sign before the actual code.

<body bgcolor="#code">for background color
<body text="#code">for color of text (all non-links)
<body link="#code">for color of unvisited links
<body vlink="#code">for color of visited links
<body alink="#code">for color of active links (while being selected)
You can also string two or more of these commands together:

<body bgcolor="#000015" text="#000020" link="#000050" vlink="#7a7777" alink="#8f8e8d">

10.. Graphics B) Animated Graphics

Some people like to put animation on their web pages. It actually is not that hard. Here is some background history. Most GIFs over the years have only one image per file. According to "technical specifications from 1987", a GIF could have had more than one image per file, making it like a slide show presentation and not a single image. However, most programs that work with GIF are designed around the idea of one image per file. So the multi-image aspect of GIFs was forgotten. In 1989, they added timing and various other abilities to the GIF format, including transparency. Nobody used these new additions either. Then the Web took off. Transparency and interlacing became features people wanted to use and software companies began supporting those features. In order to have animation on your web page, you need to download a program that was made to fit more that one GIF in a file. I recommend GifBuilder for the Mac. Windows users can go here to download another program.

10.Graphics A) Putting Images On A Page

Putting Images On A Page
On almost EVERY web page on the net, there is some kind of graphic. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you have AT LEAST one picture on your page. There are mainly two kinds of ways to have graphics on your web page. The first, is to use a graphic that is on another web page somewhere on the web. The second, is to upload the graphic to your own account. Personally, I prefer to use the upload method. If you are using the other way, there is always a chance that the person who made that page will decide to delete that graphic. Then a symbol with a circle, square, and triangle will appear where the graphic was supposed to be, sometimes it will look like it has been torn through the middle:

To display a graphic on some one else's page, you need to find the URL. To do this, I recommend that you have Netscape Navigator. Right click or click and hold down on the graphic, until a menu comes up. Choose "View this Image". Then , copy the URL that appears at the top of the screen, in the "location" box. Let's say that the URL was: You would type:
<IMG SRC="">

The result is:

To display a graphic that is in your account, all you have to do is type in the filename. If you didn't make separate directories for graphics and pages, then you just need to type the graphic's name.(i.e. <IMG SRC="pic.gif">

Alternate Text for Images
Some World Wide Web browsers cannot display images. Some users turn off image loading even if their software can display images (especially if they are using a modem or have a slow connection). HTML provides a command to tell readers what they are missing on your pages. The "ALT" attribute lets you specify text to be displayed instead of an image. For example:

<IMG SRC="pic.gif" ALT="How to make a web page">

In this example, "pic.gif" is the picture of a sign. With graphics-capable viewers that have image-loading turned on, you see the graphic. With a non-graphic browser or if image-loading is turned off, the words "How to make a web page" is shown in your window. You should try to include alternate text for each image you use in your document, as it is a courtesy for your readers.


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